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TAZ - Temporary Autonomous Zone

Our emotional state of choice is ecstacy,

Our nourishment of choice is love,

Our addiction of choice is technology,

Our religion of choice is music,

Our currency of choice is knowledge,

Our politics of choice is none,

Our society of choice is utopian, though we know it will never be.


You may hate us, you may dismiss us, you may misunderstand us, you may be unaware of our existence, we are not criminals, we are not disillusioned, we are not drug addicts, we are not naive children, we are one massive global, tribal village, that transcends man-made laws, physical geography, and time itself, we are The Massive, One Massive.

We were first drawn by the sound from far away, the thunderous muffled , echoing beat was comparable to a mothers heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel and electric wiring.

We were drawn back into this womb , and there in the heat, dampness and darkness of it all we came to accept that we are all equal.

Not only to the darkness , and to ourselves, but to the very music slamming into us and passing through our souls, we are all equal, and somewhere around 35Hz we could feel the hand of God at our backs, pushing us forward , pushing us to push ourselves , pushing us to turn to the person beside us to join hands and uplift them by sharing the uncontrollable joy we felt from creating this magical bubble that can , for one evening protect us from the horrors , atrocities and pollution of the outside world.

It is in that very instant with these initial realisations that each of us was truly born.


We continue to pack our bodies into clubs , or warehouses, or buildings you have abandoned and left for nought, and we bring life to them for one night , strong throbbing, vibrant life in its purest most intense , most hedonistic form.

In these makeshift spaces ,we seek to shed ourselves of the of the burden of uncertainty for a future you have been unable to stabilise and secure for us.

We seek to relinquish our inhibitions and free ourselves from the shackles and restraints you have put on us for your own peace of mind, We seek to re-write the programming that you have tried to indoctrinate us with since the moment we were born.

Programming that tells us to hate, that tells us to judge, that tells us to stuff ourselves into the nearest and most convenient pigeon hole possible.

Programming that even tells us to climb ladders for you, jump through hoops , and run through mazes and get onto a hampster`s wheel.

Programming that tells us to eat from the shiny silver spoon you are trying to feed us with, instead of nourish ourselves with our own capable hands.

Programming that tells us to close our minds instead of open them.


Until the sun rises to burn your eyes by revealing the distopian reality of a world you have created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture and of the values we believe in.

These are.... Peace, Love, Freedom, Tolerance, Unity, Harmony, statement, Responsibility and Respect.

Our enemy of choice is ignorance,

Our weapon of choice is information,

Our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever laws you feel you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating our existence,

But know that while you may shut down any given party on any given night in any given city, in any given country on this beautiful planet, you can never shut down the entire party, You do not have access to that switch, no matter what you may think.

The music will never stop ,

The heartbeat will never fade,

The party will never end.


I am a Raver this is my manifesto.

Raver's Manifesto

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